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Promotion GAASTRA Regular Uphaul
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GA-SAILS UPHAULElastic and durable uphaul. During ride it’s close to the mast so it’s not disturbing and annoying. Provides comfortable grip which won’t hurt your hands. 140 cm long.CharacteristicsElasticClose to mast during ride140cm long..
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Promotion NEILPRYDE Uphaul Rope Promotion NEILPRYDE Uphaul Rope
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NEILPRYDE Uphaul RopeA strong and streamlined mast-hugging uphaul that stays out of the way until needed. Available in two different colors!Key features:Extremely lightweightLess susceptible to swinging..
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Promotion NEILPRYDE Uphaul Rope Deluxe Promotion NEILPRYDE Uphaul Rope Deluxe
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NEILPRYDE Uphaul Rope DeluxeNo more sore hands with this extra thick and padded uphaul. Available in two different colors.Key features:Comfortable and easy grip through increased diameter tubular foam sectionsLess susceptible to swinging..
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Promotion UNIFIBER Adjustable outhaul boom system - complete set (pair) Promotion UNIFIBER Adjustable outhaul boom system - complete set (pair)
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Adjustable outhaulAn adjustable outhaul system that allows you to fine tune your sail on-the-fly. Ideal for windsurfers who take part in competition, or for those who want increased range from their sails. By adding or decreasing the draft, you can depower or power up your sail as the conditions dem..
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